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Barcelona city has managed to mark its strong position on the foodie map since a long time. The Catalan cuisine is famous worldwide for its amazing flavors and sufficient portions. People from all around the world visit this part of Europe to taste dishes that are entirely different and innovative in taste, presentation and style.

The culinary world wouldn’t be the same without the traditional Spanish food and for a better understanding of the popularity of Barcelona’s traditional food, we have managed to gather 7 secrets about it.

Whether you are up for trying the botifarra sausage with Romesco sauce or the typical Fideua dish, your taste buds are going to give a big shout out for sure!

There must be a bucket full of secrets behind the delicious, mouth-watering Barcelona traditional dishes that tempt everyone to eat them, right? Let’s find out.

Barcelona foods at the market

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SECRET NUMBER ONE – They follow their ancestor’s original recipes

The best thing about the Catalan food is that they have still held on to their ancestor’s recipes. The people in the old times valued food more than we do now. They had a special interest in healthy and wholesome dishes. The Catalan traditional food showcases a similar idea and offers food that is sufficient in quantity and good in quality.

SECRET NUMBER TWO – Only the fresh ingredients are used in the dishes

The second best thing that makes Barcelona’s food exquisite is the ingredients used in it. Dishes like “ Pa amb tomaquet” (bread with tomato), escalivada and crema catalana (the local version of crème brule) are made from the fresh and healthy ingredients. Barcelona is known for its healthy tomatoes, use of olive oil and the routine supply of seafood from the Mediterranean side. Fresh seafood is Barcelona’s specialty.

Eat Tapas in Barcelona by the beach

SECRET NUMBER THREE – They serve it in trendy yet traditional and warm -welcoming manner

Falafel lovers know what it’s like to eat a healthy food in a warm environment. Most of the restaurant falafel servings are made in a trendy manner. Similarly, the traditional food of Spain is made available in a traditional yet trendy style so that it attracts the diners more than the ordinary food. The people serving food have a huge smile on their face and are passionate about their cooking which influences the tourist’s mood as well.

Tapa at El Vaso de Oro in Barceloneta

SECRET NUMBER FOUR – The flavor of the dishes is spot on owing to the spices used

The use of fresh vegetables and fresh local spices makes the cooking experience even more interesting. Following the old recipes means offering a food made from special ingredients that are mainly used by the locals of Barcelona in home cooking. This is the heritage of Arab influences.

SECRET NUMBER FIVE – The health benefits of the traditional food are numerous

The traditional food is, without a doubt, delicious but what’s more interesting about these food items is that they offer a lot of health benefits. Nearly all the dishes contain fresh vegetables like tomatoes, onions, garlic and seasonal veggies. Olive oil cuts down the unhealthy effects of the saturated cooking oil. Each traditional dish is a combination of protein and vegetables or seafood, sauce and veggies thus, providing the required calories in every portion of the meal. Did you hear about the famous Mediterranean diet? Well in Barcelona everyone practices it on a daily basis, which is well showcased at culinary tours.

SECRET NUMBER SIX – The traditional side dishes are the best: Tapas!

Are you not up for a full heavy meal? Another secret about the Barcelona traditional food is that it offers the best side dishes for brunch or evening snack. If you are willing to miss the lunch or dinner meal and, want to eat something healthy and tasty, go for the traditional side dishes, better known as tapas, which constitute also a way to share food with friends by ordering different arrays of dishes that are perfectly paired with regional wine or water from the nearby Montseny springs.

Sant Antoni Market Ham and Cheese stall

SECRET NUMBER SEVEN – The food presents different cooking styles

The cuisine in Catalonia reflects the spirit of a place that was very much a thoroughfare and place of entrance for different cultures, preferring to incorporate that than resist other styles. The first Catalan recipes date to the 14th century, and nowadays modern chefs have just made innovation but only to enhance the flavors even more with fresh ingredients available at the markets. This is also a trend in the country, putting Spanish traditional foods at the top of any visitor´s agenda.

For a new person in the city, it is difficult to jump onto typical traditional Catalonian cuisine but once you have had your very first bite of the dish, you wouldn’t wish for any other taste at all.


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