The Best Barcelona Cooking Classes and Food Parties


Barcelona is a city that lives food, and in case you are a food lover planning a holiday to Barcelona, you will certainly want to learn the in and outs of the thriving city’s culinary scene by joining a cooking class. There are plenty of cooking schools in Barcelona run by friendly chefs who love teaching like minded-foodies…

Eat Barcelona Best Foods on a Budget


Every person visiting Barcelona, and even the locals, strive to find the best foods that are actually cheap. We like it or not, most of us pay bills and need to be in control of our wallets. A typical dinner at famous restaurants in town can run on euro double-zeros and more, however, if you follow some…

An Introduction to the Spanish Wine Region of Penedés


Our journey through Catalonia takes a brief pause to admire the Catalan wine region of Penedés. This area is applauded as one of the most exciting and privileged Spanish wine territories. Recognized worldwide for its exceptional white wines and cava, this area enjoys the esteemed DO (Denominación de Origen) accreditation. Tucked away between coastal hills, enjoying a serene…

Recipe to eat like a local: Crema Catalana


The quintessential Catalan dessert of all times: Crema Catalana or crema cremada (“Burnt cream”) is a refreshing citrus-infused cream, with a hint of cinnamon and a crunchy layer of caramelized sugar. It is made following a recipe that is pretty similar to the French crème brûlée. Crema Catalana is traditionally served on Saint Joseph’s Day (March the 19th…

Spanish Tapas Recipe to eat like a local: Empedrat


Empedrat, one of the most popular summer Spanish tapas recipes and that is also representative of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Literally translates into English as ¨stoned¨. It is a simple mix of chickpeas, fresh raw cod, vegetables and a generous amount of olive oil. It is a classic dish that is easily found in Barcelona and its whereabouts….