Eat Barcelona Best Foods on a Budget


Every person visiting Barcelona, and even the locals, strive to find the best foods that are actually cheap, like it or not, most of us pay bills and need to be in control of our wallets. A typical dinner at famous restaurants in town can run on euro double-zeros and more, however, if you follow some…

Recipe to Eat Like a Local: Catalan Style Cannelloni – Canelons


One of the most traditional Christmas recipes in Catalonia are canelons, also known as the Spanish style cannelloni, locals usually eat them during boxing day. Traditionally prepared with the leftovers of Christmas´ eve dinner which consists of Escudella and Carn d´Olla, two dishes which are ¨all sort of meats¨ abundant and cooked with potatoes and…

Wonderful Spanish Wine Facts


You are a wine lover, but your knowledge gets to pairing red wine with a juicy steak and white wine with grilled fish, and still, you enjoy it and feel like you wanna know more, and you are actually traveling to one of the main wine producers in the world: Spain! Chill out, we all…

The Best Catalan Desserts to Try Right Now


For people with a sweet tooth, dessert is the best part of any meal and can even be a snack in itself. While local Catalan cuisine like botifarra sausage or pa amb tomàquet, bread with tomato, continually steal the spotlight, simple but delicious Catalan desserts are waiting behind the scenes. Want to uncover the best Catalan desserts? You’ll surely be…

Recipe to eat like a local: Crema Catalana


One of the most traditional catalan desserts of all times: Crema Catalana or crema cremada (“Burnt cream”), is a dessert pretty similar to the French crème brûlée and has its origins on the flan recipe, which is one of the oldest desserts known in Europe, dating to Roman times before Christ. It is traditionally served on Saint Joseph’s…