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Tapas, Taverns & Traditions Tour

Bohemians and Tapas Lovers!

Enjoy Barcelona tapas culture & timeless traditions at glance!

La Barceloneta and The Gothic Quarter are unique neighborhoods. Its cobblestone streets come alive at night and boast 2000 years of history. It’s where Barcelona was founded, and where locals go eating tapas to family-run taverns after spending a day by the beach or before the night kick-off.

On this guided 3-hour walking food tour, we explore these beautiful neighborhoods while the buzzing Barcelona evening starts. You’ll eat a sumptuous blend of traditional tapas like ham and manchego cheese, pintxos, fried seafood and fish, bombas in a secret bunker with a history that will blown you away, and amazing local drinks, including cava and vermouth at ageless locations.

Tasting the best of local food and drinks, discovering hidden surprises and enjoying enchanting moments with our local guides is what you’ll get by joining this culinary experience.

Quick Details:

Food A bunch of delicious tapas

Camera Stunning sightseeing

Info  Memorable & intimate experience   

Users  Share unique moments

Glass Amazing selection of local drinks

Clock Tour starts at 17.30 and lasts 3-h

Tour Highlights:
  • Uncover the old-time charm of Barcelona’s bodegas, and taste their culinary delights and old-fashioned wine drinks!
  • Experience a genuine local tradition: fer vermut, the locals’ aperitif o’clock routine. And taste the oldest pintxo of Spain at a charming tapas bar.
  • Gather at a locals’ favorite xampaneria and taste why it’s where they go for a glass of Cava which is paired with a slice of delicious manchego cheese, and ham.
  • Eat traditional tapas at one of the most eclectic bars in Spain, where the Barcelona FC fans meet!
  • Savor the iconic bomba from La Barceloneta at a former bunker and learn the healthy way Mediterranean people enjoy foods.
  • Learn an old way to drink wine at a Tavern that serves the same tapas since 1945!.
  • Wander down cobblestoned medieval streets and Barcelona’s seaside as your foodie guide makes the city’s history come to life.
  • Learn the ins and outs of Barcelona food culture from the locals and why life in Catalonia is so exciting!
Meeting Location:

We meet at Pla de Palau (Square) in front of Hotel del Mar. The food tour ends at a nearby location. Click here for directions.