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The tour is brimming with anecdotes and besides the genial nature of the hosts one of the things I like most about the tour. Like I say in the blurb of the blog “curious about food, culture and what other people put in their mouth.” Food always has a story and it is culture, ever-changing but rooted in history.

Suzzy, Foodie in Barcelona
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I felt I got to see a different side and learning new exciting facts of Barcelona even though I have been living in this beautiful city for 16 years. And not to be left out, the food was exquisite!

Sarah, Appetite and Other Stories

When I travel to a city I like to get to discover the local life of a city and this food tour is a great opportunity to do just that!

Ilse, Found a Favourite

Eat Your Way off Barcelona’s Beaten Track

“It’s about giving people an experience that makes a positive impact on the local environment, society and economy….Much is written in travel and food magazines and blogs, which is great as it draws attention of people interested in cuisine… “The Barcelona Eat Local Food Tour makes it real.”

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