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Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours

Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours celebrate people who are passionate about food by providing you with culinary and cultural experiences in fascinating neighborhoods around the city, exposing you to the way locals eat, source their food, and embrace the local culture in a sustainable way.

We make this happen by inviting you to taste the local life through the best restaurateurs and business owners who are part of the neighborhoods’ history and who make this adventure feasible. With the help of our friendly and passionate local foodie guides who are proud of their city and committed to our business, we want you to celebrate food.

Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours converge on eateries and specialty stores that use locally sourced ingredients and fresh products, as they simply taste better and represent the most environmentally and nutritionally responsible choice to make while enjoying tasty and healthy food.


Constantly looking for the best food haunts in Barcelona

Meet the Founders

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Marina Manasyan Founder

I love picking up blueberries; they remind me of my grandma’s garden in old Yerevan where we used to prepare delicious pastries with them or simply ate them outdoors while exchanging life stories. As a grown-up, I kept picking up more than blueberries and found my passion for food and simple life, a fact that I like to showcase through Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours.

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Andre Arriaza Founder

Having traveled since the age of 8, I recall my best memories while I’ve been on the road are the ones related to sharing food. It always gave me so much about cultures and peoples, as there has been always something new and great to learn and taste, from Chilean empanadas to Georgian khachapuri, Jamaican ginger beer, Catalan pan con tomate, and a bunch of friends, an aspect that I enjoy building with Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours.

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Meet the Team and Tour Guides!

Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity.

– Louise Fresco

Andrea Foodie Guide & Operations Assistant

Andrea is originally from Alicante. She is passionate about food, travels, and Spanish history. She has moved to Barcelona and enjoys wanderlusting around with curious travelers.

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Jessica Foodie Guide

Jessica is from the United States and specializes in blogging and social media. She has traveled the world, and food and wine are some of her passions. Barcelona lifestyle is her leitmotiv.

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Ilse Foodie Guide

Ilse is from the Netherlands and decided to settle in Barcelona a few years ago. She has a blog with her favourite spots all around Barcelona and other cities!

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Berta Foodie Guide

Berta is a local, and she is passionate about languages and traveling. She has been to more than 33 countries and teaches Spanish online.

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Carla is a local chef who is too social to be stuck in a kitchen all day. That’s why she loves touring with people around Barcelona.

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