Barcelona Culture

Spirit of the night: Exploring Barcelona after Dark

Barcelona after dark

Off to Barcelona with a usual itinerary to do local sightseeing during the day is very cliché. Of course, there are a number of beaches to see and Antoni Gaudi’s impressive architectures to visit. But this Catalan capital and also the most popular tourist city in Spain comes alive at night with beautiful street lights…

Best photography spots in Barcelona, which are not tapas


Barcelona´s fascinating architecture showcase medieval, modern and contemporary stunning pieces of art. Throughout the city, everyone wants to record amazing sites with the camera shutter, sightseeing Barcelona calls for it. Barcelona pictures are abundant on the web, and besides world-renowned monuments built by Antoni Gaudi that you will easily spot in the city or find…

Eat Barcelona Best Foods on a Budget


Every person visiting Barcelona, and even the locals, strive to find the best foods that are actually cheap. We like it or not, most of us pay bills and need to be in control of our wallets. A typical dinner at famous restaurants in town can run on euro double-zeros and more, however, if you follow some…