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The European Road Trips Every Foodie Should Add to Their Bucket List

Foodie tour of Europe

Are you a self-proclaimed foodie? Do you love trying new things? If so, these are the European road trips you absolutely need to add to your bucket list!

Barcelona, Spain

With so much to see, do, and eat in Barcelona, it’s the perfect road trip destination! The city is filled with beautiful old buildings, delicious eateries, and awe-inspiring viewpoints. When you’re visiting Barcelona, be sure to check out the local cuisine and eat your way through the city.

Take a bite out of Spain with authentic cuisine must-haves like tapas, sangria, and so much more! Tapas are becoming increasingly popular around the world right now, but they’re best enjoyed in their native country. Make sure you stop for tapas at one of the best, authentic tapas restaurants in Barcelona where you can fully enjoy the Spanish food culture which is all about light meals, good drinks, and fun with the family.

Another huge part of Spanish food culture is simple foods made deliciously. The Pa amb Tomàquet and Escalivada are simple dishes but made to taste exquisite. You’ve never had tomatoes on bread or eggplant on bread like this before!

Finish up your Spanish food tour with Mató or Crema Catalana. Mató is a cheese that’s naturally soft, sweet, and gives you a lighter dessert after a heavy meal. It’s usually topped with local honey and walnuts. Need something a little extra? You might already know and love Crema Catalana — it’s commonly called Crème brûlée in French culture, but Spain will tell you they did it first!

For a truly authentic culinary experience in Barcelona, hop on a food tour and learn more about the local culture there!

Munich, Germany

When you think of Germany, do you think of beer and bratwurst? If, like most people, you see these as the staples for German food culture, you’re in for a treat! Germany loves these foods, but if that’s the only thing you’re eating in Munich, you’re missing out!

Try the traditional spätzle dish while you’re in Munich. The dish looks and tastes like a type of pasta, but it’s so much more than that. After the pieces of dough are deep-fried, they’re then topped with cheese, onions, or bacon (or sometimes all three).

If you’ve never tried a traditional Bavarian pretzel, you’re missing out. These pretzels have a slightly crispy outside and soft, doughy inside. They’re coated in salt and make the perfect snack for walking around and enjoying the city!

After a long day of hearty food and delicious drinks, you might be looking for something sweet. The schmalznudel should do the trick! It’s the German version of a doughnut and deep-fried to perfection. These are traditionally plain desserts with just some sugar topping, but restaurants around the city also sell their enhanced versions.

Tuscany, Italy

If rolling hills and beautiful farmlands are your thing, you’re going to love visiting Tuscany. The sights are beautiful, the food is excellent, and the hospitality will have you feeling like you stepped into a different world. To top it all off, this destination is all about farm-fresh, light, and flavorful foods!

No matter where you go in Tuscany, you’ll find olive oil plays a huge role in the food culture. Extra virgin olive oil is a big part of the Tuscan food economy and is something most restaurants in the region use to enhance their dishes. Whether you’re eating light with a salad or you’re indulging in a big Tuscan meal, you’ll find olive oil influences throughout the region.

Panzanella is an easy-to-eat bread salad you can enjoy when it’s warm out. The salad is light and refreshing but also very filling. Most locations serve it with locally grown vegetables and topped with olive oil. During the colder months, switch up to ribollita. This traditional Italian soup is made better by carrots and homemade broth in most restaurants.

Ready for dessert? The pesche di prato is a unique take on an Italian pastry. It’s a thick dough that’s soaked in liqueur and includes cream. The dessert looks like a peach which may be how it got its name!

Check Eating Europe Tours in Florence for a fantastic introduction to Tuscan gastronomy.

Istria, Croatia

Are you more of an adventurous road tripper? While Croatia isn’t exactly off the beaten path, it’s still an adventure road trip destination. Visit the city of Istria to get a taste for Croatian culture and enjoy gourmet food while taking in all that the city has to offer!

Istria may be best known for their use of the very versatile asparagus. Whether you’re eating it in a dish with other vegetables, in their world-famous soup, or on its own, the asparagus plays a huge role in Croatian foodie culture. Try the local roasted asparagus soup topped with parmesan for a truly decadent dish.

While truffles aren’t exclusive to Istria, they’re truly one of the most popular things you can try when you’re visiting this unique city. You can find different types of truffles because they come in varying different, locally-grown flavors. You can even find truffle cheese in Istria!

When you’re finished basking in the luxury of truffle goods, try a traditional Krostule pastry. Krostule is a fried pastry that’s popular in Istria. The traditional dessert is sweet and comes with several different flavor topping options including powdered sugar.

Prepare for Your Road Trip

A food road trip isn’t complete without all the best road trip essentials. Make sure you are prepared for an epic foodie adventure by having all the necessities in your car. From comfort to entertainment and even safety, there are some things you need to keep in the car so that you can enjoy your endless meals without worry.

A quality travel pillow, for example, is one of the most important essentials to include when you’re taking a food trip. When you inevitably nod off after noshing on all the best delicacies in each city, you’ll need proper head support to hold you up until your next destination.

You should also make sure you have things like a phone charger, auxiliary cord, and anything else you may need for entertainment along the way. A reliable GPS navigator is a road trip must-have, but as a backup option, you may want to invest in a hard copy of a map, too, to ensure you won’t get lost while exploring a new city. Packing an emergency travel kit can also help if you get a flat tire or someone gets a minor injury along the way.

But, no matter what you do, make sure you take time to enjoy each new place and the wonderful meals and experiences it brings you!

Happy eating, friends!

About the Author: Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and travel enthusiast. With a love for adventure and the great outdoors, she spends much of her time writing outside.