Honeymoon in Barcelona: 5 Wines You Must Try From Here

honeymoon in barcelona

Are you looking for a romantic honeymoon destination to express your love? Maybe you are thinking a laid back setting with the exquisite scenery, long sandy beaches, quality wine and a couple of late-night events. Barcelona is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. It harbors various great sites and attractions that will…

The Best Barcelona Cooking Classes and Food Parties


Barcelona is a city that lives food, and in case you are a food lover planning a holiday to Barcelona, you will certainly want to learn the in and outs of the thriving city’s culinary scene by joining a cooking class. There are plenty of cooking schools in Barcelona run by friendly chefs who love teaching like minded-foodies…

Essential things to know before traveling to Barcelona

things to know before traveling to barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant city that offers plenty of things to do and see, and whether you are visiting for a day or weeks, you want to make the best of your time by visiting iconic attractions and tasting the best of Catalan cuisine. Our Barcelona Travel Guide offers you insider´s tips to make your experience memorable….

The European Road Trips Every Foodie Should Add to Their Bucket List

Foodie tour of Europe

Are you a self-proclaimed foodie? Do you love trying new things? If so, these are the European road trips you absolutely need to add to your bucket list!  Barcelona, Spain  With so much to see, do, and eat in Barcelona, it’s the perfect road trip destination! The city…

The Best Barcelona Blogs ∼ Awards by Barcelona Eat Local


The top Barcelona Blog Awards recognizes the best blogs that talk about the city of Barcelona from different angles. With a wealth of high-quality blogs out there relating to anything and everything about the Ciudad Condal, it’s hard to narrow down which ones to read, but this exclusive list will help you limit your search, giving you…

10 of the Best Modernist Architectural Buildings in Barcelona That Will Conquer Your Heart


Perhaps no other city in Europe is as closely associated with architecture as Barcelona. From Antoni Gaudi, the undisputed superstar of modernist architecture to Lluís Domènech i Montaner, the architects that designed Barcelona left their signature on the very identity of the city. On this article, you will find an extensive list of some of…

7 Reasons Why Barcelona Is a Great Travel Destination

Barcelona from above

All things considered: coastal beauty, cultural vivacity, pristine natural wealth and world-renowned gastronomy. The little gem of the Mediterranean, proudly flaunting its majestic legacy in all of its various forms is Barcelona! And here we explain to you why, and how you can uncover this amazing paradise. Rest assured you’ll be hooked as soon as…

Spirit of the night: Exploring Barcelona after Dark

Barcelona after dark

Off to Barcelona with a usual itinerary to do local sightseeing during the day is very cliché. Of course, there are a number of beaches to see and Antoni Gaudi’s impressive architectures to visit. But this Catalan capital and also the most popular tourist city in Spain comes alive at night with beautiful street lights…

The Barcelona Gothic’s Quarter Bucket List: 17 Amazing Things to Do

Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

Let’s face it, Barcelona´s Gothic Quarter is one of the most visited and talked about neighborhoods in Spain. It has a history of more than 2000 years and an amazing vibe. The area is full of enchanting squares, mysterious alleyways and gargoyles staring at you. In case you are planning to take a tour of…

The Absolute Best Tapas in Barcelona ~ everything you need to know


Spain is a diverse country and each region has a unique way to recreate the ¨tapas¨ concept. The first book that talks about gastronomy is written in 1477, actually in Barcelona. This city is a reference for world gastronomy. Who doesn’t visit Barcelona or Catalonia without indulging in tasty tapas? Catalan gastronomy is rich in traditions, as in…