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Honeymoon in Barcelona: 5 Wines You Must Try From Here

honeymoon in barcelona

Are you looking for a romantic honeymoon destination to express your love? Maybe you are thinking a laid back setting with the exquisite scenery, long sandy beaches, quality wine and a couple of late-night events. Barcelona is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. It harbors various great sites and attractions that will…

Essential things to know before traveling to Barcelona

things to know before traveling to barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant city that offers plenty of things to do and see, and whether you are visiting for a day or weeks, you want to make the best of your time by visiting iconic attractions and tasting the best of Catalan cuisine. Our Barcelona Travel Guide offers you insider´s tips to make your experience memorable….

The Absolute Best Tapas in Barcelona ~ everything you need to know


Spain is a diverse country and each region has a unique way to recreate the ¨tapas¨ concept. The first book that talks about gastronomy is written in 1477, actually in Barcelona. This city is a reference for world gastronomy. Who doesn’t visit Barcelona or Catalonia without indulging in tasty tapas? Catalan gastronomy is rich in traditions, as in…

What Does Coffee Lifestyle Mean in Spain?


Although it’s one of the largest countries in Europe, when it comes to some things, Spain sometimes gets left out when talking about coffee, other than Italy’s coffee supplier. The French are known for their wine, the Germans for their beer, the Dutch for their…other things, and the Italians for their pizza and pasta, and…

Spanish refreshing drink recipes for summer

Whether you feel like chilling out under the umbrella or at night on a patio, the fact is that during summer and spring days we do like to refresh ourselves while breathing fresh air and…

Authentic Tapas Bars to watch Barcelona football matches, which are actually not Irish

Watching FC Barcelona games in Barcelona is a lifetime experience that isn’t confined to El Camp Nou Stadium. Actually watching sports at an authentic bar in Barcelona, while eating tapas and drinking beer, along a bunch of…

An Introduction to the Spanish Wine Region of Penedés


Our journey through Catalonia takes a brief pause to admire the Catalan wine region of Penedés. This area is applauded as one of the most exciting and privileged Spanish wine territories. Recognized worldwide for its exceptional white wines and cava, this area enjoys the esteemed DO (Denominación de Origen) accreditation. Tucked away between coastal hills, enjoying a serene…

The Best Barcelona Restaurants for Large Group Dinners


Group dinners in Barcelona are always a journey of laughs and delicious foods. Not just because there is a no better reason for a group to gather at a restaurant, but also because of the city partying atmosphere. Group dinners are essentially a colossal pregame with food. So where should you take your big group…

Eating your way through Sant Antoni ∼ Barcelona´s food lovers district


The Sant Antoni neighborhood in Barcelona, pretty close to the bustling Barcelona Ramblas, is the perfect place to mingle with the locals and expats alike. Here is where you take a break from being a tourist and tour Barcelona like a local. The neighborhood, once home to the working-class who populated Barcelona during the Industrial Revolution boasts…

Get in on Barcelona craft brewing revolution with these best local beers


It has been a few years now that a craft brewing revolution has exploded in different parts of the world. Barcelona brewers are the pioneers of this movement in Spain. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs and beer lovers have developed all styles from fizzy yellow lagers to world-famous IPAs and complex stouts. This phenomenon somehow connects the dots…