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What Does Coffee Lifestyle Mean in Spain?


Although it’s one of the largest countries in Europe, when it comes to some things, Spain sometimes gets left out when talking about coffee, other than Italy’s coffee supplier. The French are known for their wine, the Germans for their beer, the Dutch for their…other things, and the Italians for their pizza and pasta, and…

An Introduction to the Spanish Wine Region of Penedés


Our journey through Catalonia takes a brief pause to admire the Catalan wine region of Penedés. This area is applauded as one of the most exciting and privileged Spanish wine territories. Recognized worldwide for its exceptional white wines and cava, this area enjoys the esteemed DO (Denominación de Origen) accreditation. Tucked away between coastal hills, enjoying a serene…

Where to Eat the Best Paella in Barcelona


Rice is what appears to be such a simple food, but is full of complexities that only a real Catalonian or Spaniard could point out to you. In this article, we attempt to demystify the quintessential Spanish Food: Paella, as well as tell you where to find the best Paella in Barcelona. First things first, you…