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The Best Barcelona Restaurants for Large Group Dinners


Group dinners in Barcelona are always a journey of laughs and delicious foods. Not just because there is no better reason for a group to gather at a restaurant, but also because of this city parties so hard, group dinners are essentially a colossal pregame with food. So where should you take your big group for its big night out? Or your family, if you actually want a group dinner without the chaos? Here are the best restaurants in Barcelona serving great traditional Catalan food, and capable to hold lots of folks.

CASA JAIME (since 1953)

Our friend Josep who founded Salses Lug, once organized a group dinner at this historic restaurant that specializes in both Catalan and Spanish cuisine. It offers the perfect balance between old and modern vibes, high-quality products that are tasted in the form of classic tapas and a charming atmosphere. Simply a great restaurant for large groups dinners in Barcelona.

photo credit: Casa Jaime


Consell de Cent 222, 08011 Barcelona

Tel.: 931 893 222


One of the new concepts within the culinary world that are gaining momentum is the private dinners that are organized at hidden locations which are unveiled just before the event takes place. This type of event involves live show cooking, where trendy dishes are prepared in front of guests, open bar with premium local brands, live music and plenty of fun. Why not join a Clandestine dinner in Barcelona? It is an awesome activity for a large group meal with plenty of fun included.

Looking to organize a large group meal in Barcelona, we can help you out, just contact us.

CASA JORDI (since 1968)

Faithful to their origins, each day their staff source fresh products at the Boqueria and Ninot Food Markets ensuring that their ¨market cuisine¨ is up to the highest standard each day they open their doors to the public. This Barcelona restaurant offers traditional Catalan cuisine.

photo credit: Casa Jordi


Pasaje Marimón, 18 08021

Tel.: 932 001 118

LA BODEGA (since 1983)

Founded in the same place an ancient tavern used to supply barrel wine to the neighbors of the Sant Gervasi District, La Bodega has built its character by being first a food haunt that evolved into a classic Barcelona restaurant that serves Mediterranean market cuisine where the staff is quite attentive and elegant. Lovely atmosphere and great dishes to enjoy with a well-curated wine menu.

photo credit: La Bodega


Plaça Molina, 2, 08006 Barcelona

Tel.: 932 37 84 34

TAVERNA EL GLOP (since 1978)

Located in the Gracia district where everything has character and uniqueness, La Taverna El Glop opened since the day I came to this world specializes on a particular type of cuisine, the one that is celebrated by Catalonian peasants. This is the perfect location for a group dinner in Barcelona where you shouldn’t miss snails, curated meat and the famous ¨calcots¨ during its season.

photo credit: Taverna El Glop


Crossroads Montmany/Sant Lluís 08012 Barcelona

Tel.: 93 213 70 58


Close to the glamorous Diagonal Avenue, this restaurant has a vintage atmosphere that makes us feel like being in Chicago during the days of prohibition. They specialize in meat cuts, which paired with veggies and one of the many good local Catalan wines, provides the perfect spot for a carnivorous group dinner in Barcelona.

Tip: in the basement, you will find a space for cocktails and cigars, unimaginable!

photo credit: Casa Paloma


Carrer Casanova, 209, 08021 Barcelona

Tel.: 932 008 296

These great Barcelona restaurants can accommodate large groups, each has a unique character, and are somehow culinary institutions of this city, another fact that we like, as much as the ones we visit on our culinary strolls in Barcelona. Enjoy, eat well and party like hell!