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A Local’s Guide to the Best of Catalonian Wine

wine in catalonia

By no doubt, Spain is one of the top world wine destinations. The Romans started the art of wine-making in Catalonia thousand of years ago because of the exceptional Mediterranean climate conditions for wine production. And today, Catalonia attracts 19 million of wine-lovers every year, and that’s for a simple reason: our wine is great….

Eating like a local at Barcelona beaches and beyond


Summer is always present in Barcelona, and its best expression is the “xiringuitos”, one of the best places to be for foodies who want to eat like a local by the Mediterranean sea, during the day or at night, just wanting to feel the sand under their toes while having a romantic dinner. The ¨xiringuito¨ meaning in Spanish refers to…

The Best Wine Shops in Barcelona for wine lovers


Without question, Barcelona is synonymous with tapas, paellas, long stretches of beaches, sunshine — and proudly so, an amazing wine culture. The city is pack with bars, bodegas and wine shops where you can drink and buy top quality wines. Here we give you few wine-tips and a list of unique Barcelona wine bars where…

Where To Go For Calçotada in Barcelona


Calçotada is something that is completely unique to Catalan; it is a grand celebration, a glorious barbecue that starts with a simple Calçot – a type of spring onion. These Calçots are simply grilled over charcoal and served on one of the traditional earthenware roof tiles that are to be found in homes all over…

What Does Coffee Lifestyle Mean in Spain?


Although it’s one of the largest countries in Europe, when it comes to some things, Spain sometimes gets left out when talking about coffee. The French are known for their wine, the Germans for their beer, the Dutch for their…other things, and the Italians for their pizza and pasta, and all of them have a…

The Absolute Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona


Barcelona is such an amazing city for enjoying brunch, and there are plenty of places to choose from, but from that exhaustive list, we selected the few ones that anyone visiting this city should try, at least once! Brunch is such a great concept for travelers, no one wants to wake up early morning and get out…