Unique Barcelona Christmas Markets to eat like a local

Posted on November 12, 2017 | By Andre Arriaza

In December Barcelona a great variety of Christmas Markets are open, and some are unique, in terms of products to buy and especially food, being traditional or trendy, the City of Counts has it all!. Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours help you find the best spots to eat delicious food while you are in the search of that wonderful Christmas gift in Barcelona for your loved ones at those markets that make a difference, bon profit (enjoy)!


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If I could spend 48 hours eating and drinking with food artisans passionate about their products, this would be the place I want to be, and we will be there, simply because it is a unique event where one can have fun, eat delicious and healthy food, and learn something new from the local artisans. Pretty much in line with the spirit of Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours.



Otro Palo Alto Market increíble. Acordaos de que volvemos el 18 y 19 de noviembre 😎

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Already an institution in Barcelona, Palo Alto Market is a recognized creative and sophisticated street market where talent mixes with sensibility, allowing relishing with the five senses. It is an impeccable place to love all and enjoy delicious food from local artisans, listen to live music and enjoy much creative talent from Barcelona. This December they will have a special event, the ‘Moritz Street Circus’, go and discover it!.



Not to be missed! A traditional Catalan dish: escudella, is served for the crowds on 19th December at these two iconic Barcelona Markets. You will find a bunch of locals and expats alike queuing to get a portion of this delicious Christmas dish for a good cause!

Tip: The Sant Antoni Market is the starting point of our top-rated Sant Antoni and El Poblesec Food Tour



The only market of Barcelona dedicated exclusively to graphic works of emerging artists comes back to celebrate its 6th edition. While you wander around, you can always give yourself a pause and relax at Kalso Bar and try a delicious tapa and a drink a hot tea while listening good music.



This is an independent craft fair where you will find and get to know more about hand-crafted products or those produced in small quantities in local factories; as well there will be a specialized area where you will find unique and delicious Foods by Soul Spices by Anjalina Chugani, Bons Focs, Mamapot, Maria Soler, Lukumas, Ohlalacooks, Iceroll Barcelona, Bona Profit, Rooftop Smokehouse, Caravan Made, Eureka Street Food, the Dog is Hot and Cafe Cometa!; Vermuths by: Morro Fi and Beers by: Garage Beer Co.

With such great variety of places that offer truly Barcelona food, why not just go and taste it all!


MERCAT DE NADAL DEL LLIBRE (Books Christmas Market)

The Mercat de Nadal del Llibre is one of the most important literary events of the year in Barcelona. Through different activities, leading authors come together to make their work come true and, if you wish, you can take their books signed and dedicated to your loved ones. In addition, to all the literary proposal, the market has live music and the best of Barcelona food trucks offering delicious foods and drinks to help you spend your day better. All this will happen at the iconic Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm.


foodies in Barcelona

Also, in case you are beating a path through the prams and piles of shopping bags under the big Christmas tree at the Cathedral square, trying to investigate the smell coming from stalls on the other side… We know it’s tough, but it is worth! There are lots of stalls with food and drink available in most zones. Popular favorites include hot chocolate, pancakes, chocolate fruit skewers and the beloved local xurros and torrons. Just forget about counting calories when you get into your finest temptation, for which there is always a way out by walking through Barcelona.

We hope you enjoyed this alternative selection of delicious food at Barcelona Christmas Markets, do share it with your friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

Yummy Christmas!


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