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Where To Go For Calçotada in Barcelona


Calçotada is something that is completely unique to Catalan; it is a grand celebration, a glorious barbecue that starts with a simple Calçot – a type of spring onion. These Calçots are simply grilled over charcoal and served on one of the traditional earthenware roof tiles that are to be found in homes all over the region. You peel off the outer skin and then dip them in a delicious Romesco sauce. After the Calçots, comes a delicious selection of barbecued meats, all washed down with red wine. Here are some of the places you can go for an amazing and authentic Calçotada.

El Glop

El Glop (Carrer de Sant Lluís, 24, 08012) is a great taverna that brings in Calçots straight from Valls. For 27 Euro per head, you can sample authentic barbecued onions with that special sauce made from nuts and red peppers. They offer the traditional Pa amb tomàquet too – toast that is covered with tomatoes, olive oil and salt as an accompaniment, as well as Butifarra Negra – the tasty Catalan blood sausage. You can also sample Cordero con Alubias – lamb neck with white beans. This is a great place to go to for a family get together, still going strong after 40 years of feeding the city.

Restaurant El Jardí de l’Àpat

Restaurant El Jardí de l’Àpat (Carrer d’Albert Llanas, 2, 08024) is an amazing place to eat an al fresco lunch. The barbecued Calçots, are a campfire foodie’s dream, so simple, yet completely delicious. The Calçotada menu runs from November through until April, whilst the spring onions are in season. 32 Euro per head includes some mouthwatering Cava, or a carafe of house wine.

L’Antic Forn

L’Antic Forn (Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 28, 08001), is in the heart of Barcelona and serves Calçotada from November through to March. The menu is 35 Euro per head and begins with the traditional grilled Calçots and romesco sauce. There is grilled lamb and sausage to follow, grilled salmon or beef entrecote. The traditional Catalan Cream is for dessert, similar to the French creme brulee, but flavored with spice. You can’t beat that crunch when you break the surface of the cream with your spoon.

Calçotada is a traditional Catalan barbecue that you will find nowhere else in the world, unique to Catalan Gastronomy. It is an excellent example of how having simple, good produce can make a delicious meal.

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