Top Vegetarian Experiences in Barcelona

Posted on August 22, 2017 | By Andre Arriaza

While ham and sausages play a significant role into Spain´s gastronomy, in a cosmopolitan city such as Barcelona where a healthy lifestyle is in the local DNA, veggies play an equally important role into its cuisine, and experiencing amazing tapas in the absence of meat and yet with a full load of proteins is an option that is closer to your buds than you believe. Eating vegetarian in Barcelona is feasible and fun, and here we share with you the necessary insight knowledge you might be looking for a delicious experience!

Being eating at a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, visiting a food market, finding orxaterias or joining a food tour, check it out!

TERESA CARLES ∼ tasting the next level

Former meat lovers delight, because Teresa Carles has everything you need to relive your meat-eating days. From faux chili con carne to burgers, the creative, tasty and sustainable concepts-inspired menu has almost anything you might find yourself craving. Chef Teresa Carles Borras has become a model for vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona, and everyone in town loves her!

Watermelon with cheese



Conveniently located down the famous Barcelona Ramblas and within close proximity to world famous attractions such as Teatre del Liceu, Palau Güell, and the Gothic Quarter, this market is the largest in Barcelona and the city’s foremost tourist landmark. It’s the ideal spot for people-watching and being part of a lively community event, and to find delicious foods. Go to the back of the market, you will find fresh juices, cheese cones, veggie fritters and any fruit you dream at.

La boqueria juice stall


BARCELONA EAT LOCAL ∼ a delicious culinary walk

To tell you the truth, our signature Food and Market Tour in Sant Antoni and El Poble-sec accommodates vegetarian travelers each week. Together we eat our way through these iconic districts, tasting the most traditional (and vegetarian!) Barcelona foods, away from the tourist crowd, while exploring the ancient Sant Antoni Market and talking to friendly vendors who craft amazing tapas. As well, our Barceloneta Tapas and Beers tours do pretty well, being a completely vegetarian-friendly tour that pair artisan beers and delicious tapas from Barcelona.

eating Barcelona healthy food


GREEN AND BERRY ∼ for the healthy addict

For those looking for a vegetarian and/or vegan restaurant Barcelona, this all-day cafe has it all, from acai-bowls, toast with tons of healthy avocado, decadent smoothies and some of the best Barcelona cold-pressed juices, its entrance reminds you one of Gaudi masterpieces´ spread all over Barcelona and the interior is cozy and chic. If we haven’t convinced you yet, go for the stupidly delicious (and jaw-droppingly decorated) homemade cakes.

Green and Berry healthy bar


PAELLA FOR VEGETARIANS ∼ yes, it’s for real and totally delicious

Plenty of travelers and locals alike are looking for the best paellas in Barcelona, and what many are not aware of, is the fact that paella comes in a veggie-friendly way and that there is no need to find a vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona for it. Just ask for ¨Arros de Verdures de Temporada¨ (rice with seasonal veggies) which is available in almost any restaurant specialized in this wonderful and traditional Spanish dish.

paella for vegetarians


ORXATERIA-HOPING ∼ an excellent cure for hangover

Refreshing and nutritious, the Valencian mythological drink, Orxata, that has Arab origins and that landed centuries ago in the Iberian peninsula, has passed to the Olympus of summer beverages. You should note that it is a seasonal drink, served between April and November. It is an excellent choice for vegans and vegetarians alike, but you should be careful because there are only a few temples in town to drink the real one: Orxateria Sirvent (at Carrer de Parlament 56), Planelles Donat, La Valenciana, Verdú and El Tio Che. All of them from another era!

orxateria sirvent

Tip: Orxata is a perfect cure after a long night out in Barcelona

EL POT ∼ healthy pot take-away!

Organic, healthy and tasty food offered on a glass of jar which is ready to take away. This little gem is one of our favorite spots in Barcelona when it comes to the idea of organizing a picnic at a park. El Pot offers around five different jar-combinations which are prepared with fresh and seasonal produce on a daily basis, and there is always a vegetarian and a vegan option.

restaurant for vegans in barcelona


We hope this post about our favorite Barcelona vegetarian experiences has brought you some value. Would be great to hear your comments or that you share it with your friends, we’re on…

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