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Home Cooking experience through Bon Appetour in Barcelona, Eat with the locals!

barcelonaeatlocal | June 19, 2016 | Barcelona, Food, things to do
teresa says hi after cooking paella

When you like travelling and gastronomy, certainly the concept of ¨eat with the locals¨ do talk to your appetite and curiosity, moreover when there is cooking involved. There is nothing better than finding yourself seating on a table full of local delicacies where you barely understand the language people talk, where you contributed to the cooking by doing something and where you feel passion around cuisine, you feel it and you immerse yourself in a home cooking adventure that you will talk about forever to your loved ones when you are back to your city.

teresa's home

A couple of weeks ago our friends from Bonappetour invited us to try one of their home cooking class and dinning in Barcelona at Teresa´s apartment. I was compelled with the invitation but unsure to go, as that day while my partner was running Barcelona Eat Local Food Tour, I had to stay home with my 5-years old daughter. Knowing that lazy Saturdays are her favorite day to explore her toys´ collection, we asked her if she fancied going for a cooking class where she would learn how to make paella. She got super excited about the idea!

teresa preparing sangria

The invitation stated that those interested in the home cooking classes should arrive at 12.30. We were the first ones to arrive to Teresa´s home cooking adventure at her cozy apartment that soon would be packed with people eating and enjoy her gastronomic skills. She had the table carefully prepared and that called the attention of ¨the little princess¨ who managed to find her place. Teresa offered us a drink, lemonade for my daughter and a refreshing ¨clara¨ for me. She also gave a gift to her and immediately we started talking about food.

teresa cooking paella

prawns for paella







ben and barcelona eat local

My daughter’s new friend, you can find the other half of this picture at Ben’s blog

Within the morning the rest of guests arrived, this was an ¨English speaking¨ gathering for which Teresa played a fantastic host. Everyone got a full glass and the appetizers were superb: Anchovies, cheeses, home-made hummus, and the inevitable Mr Ham and its associates (Catalan and Spanish sausages).

explanation how to cook paella

At some point while talking about food, Spanish food, Catalan food and drinks with the guests I heard Papa!!! So I turned around to learn that my daughter was jumping on the sofa checking when was her turn to cook. Teresa didn’t forget about it, she was just preparing the seafood for the paella and once she was ready with it, she arranged a chair and called her in to make a child friendly activity within this multistep process that cooking paella involves. Some of the other guests also participated into the cooking experience.

teresa cooking paella with kids

adding rice to paella







taking pictures of paella

Once ready Teresa asked us to join the table to finish the delicious appetizers so the paella ingredients could talk to each other ensuring the best taste. We kept exchanging stories about cook and taste in Barcelona, we enjoyed a delicious homemade paella and shot every important moment of the day.

serving paella

Once we finished every last bit, Teresa served her homemade crema Catalana that left us all with a sweet touch ready to continue our lives and adventures in Barcelona. This experience is a great home cooking adventure to eat with locals and definitely a fantastic thing to do with kids in Barcelona.

Crema catalana
Thanks Teresa!

The experience with Teresa is easily bookable through BonAppetour website and it takes place few metro stops from Barcelona city center. BonAppetour specializes in home experiences to celebrate food and gastronomy by eating with the locals in Barcelona and other world foodie destinations such as Rome, Florence, Tokyo, Paris, Singapore and Prague among others.
If you´ve got here, enjoy this discount code in any of their gastronomic experiences: BONAPPETOUR

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3 responses to “Home Cooking experience through Bon Appetour in Barcelona, Eat with the locals!”

  1. Justine says:

    Ah fantastic photos, Andre.

    This was a fun experience to share a paella with you! I hope to see you soon! – Justine

  2. Teresa Hernández says:

    Hola Andre,
    Muchas gracias por estas bellas palabras. Creo que todos lo pasamos muy bien.
    Espero volver a veros pronto a ti y a Little princess.
    Un abrazo,

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