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Spanish Tapas Recipe to eat like a local: Empedrat

Empedrat Tapa in a jar by Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours
barcelonaeatlocal | July 24, 2016 | Culture, recipe

Empedrat, one of the most popular summer Spanish tapas recipes that originates in Catalonia and that is also representative of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Literally translates into English as ¨stoned¨. It is a simple mix of chickpeas, fresh raw cod, vegetables and

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3 Healthy and easy Spanish tapas recipes inspired by the best Barcelona restaurants

Andre Arriaza | July 5, 2016 | Barcelona, recipe

When evoking the world renowned Spanish concept of ¨tapas¨ I can only think about that classic question we ask with our friends when going to a bar or restaurant in Barcelona: what are we ordering? The ¨we¨ is the key part of

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Easy summer refreshing drink recipes

summer drink recipes
barcelonaeatlocal | June 8, 2016 | Barcelona, Culture, drinks, recipe

Whether you feel like chilling out under the umbrella or at night in a patio, the fact is that in summer we do like to refresh ourselves while breathing fresh air and listening to cool music, isn’t it? Inspired in one of our

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Eat like a local recipe: artichokes

Francesco healthy artichokes
barcelonaeatlocal | May 5, 2016 | Barcelona, Food, recipe, things to do

An interesting aspect about artichokes is the fact that their leaves are composed by the fusion of thousand of tiny flowers. Originally from northern Africa, this vegetable is now common in the Mediterranean cuisine; it was brought by the Arabs and widely propagated by the

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