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7 Reasons Why Barcelona Is a Great Travel Destination

Barcelona from above

All things considered: coastal beauty, cultural vivacity, pristine natural wealth and world-renowned gastronomy. The little gem of the Mediterranean, proudly flaunting its majestic legacy in all of its various forms is Barcelona! And here we explain to you why, and how you can uncover this amazing paradise.

Rest assured you’ll be hooked as soon as you take your first stroll down La Rambla and land your eyes on Gaudi’s timeless, authentic creations. The entire city is a landscape of passion and imagination all wrapped into a unified, unparalleled experience. Here are just a handful of reasons for a traveler to fall madly in love with Barcelona.

Views of Barcelona

1. Go Gaudi-hunting

Art aficionados flock from all over the globe only for the sites brought to life by one of the most famous architects that ever lived – Antoni Gaudi. Yet, too many Aussies are only aware of just a few of his works, such as the famous Sagrada Familia. In truth, the city hides over twenty of his creations, all breathtaking in their own right.

For starters, a recent addition to the list of available sites is Casa Vicens. It is a private residence under UNESCO protection, and one of Gaudi’s earliest works. Then there is Parc Güell, a garden of remarkable architectural beauty, inspired by Mother Nature. Make your own Gaudi map and start the hunt! Just make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen for this little adventure.

La Sagrada Familia

2. Join Catalonians at La Barceloneta

Your inner Aussie will immediately bring out the criticism upon seeing this seaside corner of Barcelona. In all fairness, it’s far from glamorous or exotic compared to what you’ve seen in Australia and its neighboring islands. But it has a certain Mediterranean charm you won’t be able to resist.

Lounge back at la Barceloneta with the rest of the lively Catalonians. Then prepare your belly for the finest seafood of the region in the nearby beach restaurants. The view of the marina is marvelous, and the seafood paella is as heavenly as you can possibly imagine.

La Barceloneta beach

3. Meditate in Parc de la Ciutadella

Your treasure hunt for Gaudi’s legacy will likely take you through one of the most beautiful Barcelona parks and to his grandiose Fountain. Yet, the entire park is one awe-inspiring oasis of emerald and azure. Built in the 19th century, this is one of those rarities that has historic, cultural, and aesthetic value. As you pace through the park, you’ll snap dozens of Insta-perfect photos. Have your Europe sim card at the ready to be able to post those online and stay connected throughout your trip.

You can head over to the zoo, rest your feet by the pond, or pack a picnic bag. Enjoy the local tapas and spend an afternoon in the shade.

Ciutadella Park from above

4. Enjoy a Delicious Tasting at La Boqueria Market

The Ciudad Vieja district in Barcelona is known for many things. But one that is particularly worthy of your time is the locally beloved farmers’ market, La Boqueria. Tantalizingly close to La Rambla, you’ll find it to be a perfect little escape into the most delicious tastes from Barcelona. Like a beehive for gourmets, this local market welcomes around 45000 people every day, and you’ll want to get lost in that crowd.

After all, if it’s good enough for a councilor from Melbourne, it’s good enough for the rest of us mere mortals from Australia and the world. Pro tip: bring your own bags and always keep your wallet and your passport far away from curious hands. Being so close to La Rambla has its perks, but also its downfalls. So be mindful of how you carry your items in such crowded areas.

La Boqueria food stall

5. Explore the Gothic Quarter

Also known as Barri Gòtic, this quarter is one of the most picturesque you’ll ever see. It’s also a true testament to the diversity that flourishes in Barcelona. Some of the oldest parts of the city remain in this particular quarter, dating 2000 years into the past. Take a walk to see a Roman temple, Temple d’August, as well as the famous Gothic Cathedral dating back to the 13th century. Make sure to see the traditional Catalan dance Sardana at Plaça Jaume, too!

Curiously enough, this district is not reserved for the medieval mood alone. You’ll find some of the most intriguing shops precisely in this area. From handmade shoes to quirky souvenirs, there’s something for everyone. Ask the locals to point you towards the nearby antique stores. They hide some unique memorabilia for your own collection!

Gothic Cathedral Barcelona

6. Join the vibrant nightlife

All this talk of history might have you believing that there’s not much to do once the sun finally sets. Yet, Barcelona’s local people, as well as eager tourists from all over the world, truly know how to party and enjoy the scene after dark. If you’ve already had a chance to peruse through La Rambla, you can start there as the evening sets. With beautiful weather on your side and plenty of performers still in the street, you can enjoy a set of delicious tapas before you hit the Barcelona nightlife.

Attend to a flamenco event in Barcelona where you can see local performers. They serve delicious tapas, and locally-made sangria to tease your palate. For a slightly more upscale experience, head over to El Born for some cocktails, and you can wrap up for the night.

Photo Credit: Palacio del Flamenco

7. Bring out your inner child at Tibidabo

As stunning as the mountain may be, this time we’re not focusing on the natural beauty of this giant. Instead, go to one of its most visited corners – the amusement park! Every single ride comes with a mesmerizing panoramic view of the entire city. It’s a great choice for families, but for solo travelers as well as couples. This is a perfect escape for those looking for a playful way to experience Barcelona.

You can fill days of your itinerary in this single location. You’ll have over 25 rides to choose from, and many restaurants with dazzling views. Plus, there are many other nearby attractions you can add to your list.


Barcelona is a free-spirited city that will always remain a bucket-list destination for all globetrotters. As soon as you land in this Catalan corner, you’ll know why this Mediterranean jewel deserves a visit by any curious traveler. And suddenly, the hours you spent flying to get there will melt away into oblivion.

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