Essential things to know before traveling to Barcelona

things to know before traveling to barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant city that offers plenty of things to do and see, and whether you are visiting for a day or weeks, you want to make the best of your time by visiting iconic attractions and tasting the best of Catalan cuisine. Our Barcelona Travel Guide offers you insider´s tips to make your experience memorable….

The Best Barcelona Blogs ∼ Awards by Barcelona Eat Local


The top Barcelona Blog Awards recognizes the best blogs that talk about the city of Barcelona from different angles. With a wealth of high-quality blogs out there relating to anything and everything about the Ciudad Condal, it’s hard to narrow down which ones to read, but this exclusive list will help you limit your search, giving you…

How to Enjoy Food When You Travel Without Feeling Guilty

  Vacationing sometime soon? You probably look forward to tasting the local delicacies on offer and learn the basics of the local language. But while you should definitely enjoy the cuisine of the culture you visit, a too laissez-faire attitude toward…

Tastes from the World: Sabores de Mexico Food Tours


This week , on our section tours and travels around the world we had the honour to talk to Rodrigo Lopez Aldana, a genuine foodie, taco expert, and photographer who is also proud of being a Mexican!. He was born and raised in Mexico City, and he loves to wander through its streets, find new…

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Vegas Valley Food Tours is a company connecting Vegas history, culture, and community with whomever is looking for a unique experience through historic downtown Las Vegas with a sustainable touch. This week, on our section tour and travels around the world, we talk to Vickie Wilson who shares with us her love to Las Vegas downtown community, for which she hopes to foster curiosity in lesser known neighborhoods…