The Best Fruit Markets in Barcelona

  Barcelona is world-renowned for its fine dining scene, attracting millions of tourists from around the world each year. The city is also home to lesser-known fruit markets that sell fresh, succulent produce year-round, from loquats and melons in the…

Barcelona Best Coffee Houses for Authentic Coffee


Barcelona’s new generation of coffee lovers has finally arrived for good and is making our early morning walks really enjoyable. Baristas and coffee artisans who care about quality, and moreover the environment, are popping up everywhere in town, and we are so excited about it! We compiled the best cafes and coffee houses in Barcelona…

34 Ideas for Awesome Gifts from Barcelona


You are having a great time in Barcelona or you are heading to this wonderful Mediterranean city where you will be enchanted by stunning architecture, delighted by amazing gastronomy and stunned by a vibrant art scene under the eternal sunshine that accompanies us throughout the year. Certainly, you´ll want to take all those good memories…