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Tips for finding the perfect accommodation for you in Barcelona


In this blog, we will help you decide what accommodation type is best for you when visiting Barcelona! Listed below are the different types of accommodation you can book, dependant on what it is you are looking for. Not sure of what to book yet, we can help!

The ¨This Will Do¨ Hostel That Will Make It Amazingly Well

Hostels are the perfect accommodation type if you are on the move and trying to find a cheap place to rest your head (it’s better than a park bench).

Worried about privacy? Most bunks have a privacy curtain and they have plenty of private rooms, so you will be fine! A hostel is definitely a type of accommodation that you NEED to experience whilst you are traveling.

You can find so many quirky hostels all over Barcelona. Our favorite is The Hipstel, a hostel that offers bed spaces at just 15 euros a night and where coffee is free!

The ¨Budget yet Super Trendy And Vintage¨ Hotel

Need a reliable, excellent value for money and familiar place to stay? The Retrome hotel is the one for you. Carefully built to the detail, their lobby is a perfect example of Catalan art nouveau (modersnime). And the location is awesome, the Eixample, a less touristy neighborhood where you can join a Barcelona Food Tour. Tip: check if the room on the ground floor is available, it has a small water pool on the balcony!

The ¨I Am Drinking Mimosa’s For Breakfast¨ Luxury Hotel Suite

If it’s 5* luxury you need, don’t look any further. I introduce you to the Almanac Hotel, just a walk from the famous Passeig de Gracia, this hotel caters for a Barcelona experience in all senses.

This hotel hosts one of the best rooftop terraces of Barcelona. Forget mimosa’s for breakfast when you can have unlimited cava paired with delicious tapas for the entire day.

Room 1, Rooms, Almanac Hotel, Barcelona

The ¨I Don’t Like Other People¨ Private Villa

Do you want to cook your own meals with local produce? Do you want to cannonball into your own pool with no shame? Then a private villa is the perfect accommodation type for you.

You can wake up in the morning, stay in your pjs and eat breakfast outside – with no shame. The perfect home from home, fill the bedrooms up with friends or family. The beauty of a villa is the choice is yours, no disturbances by room service or breakfast deadlines (unless your partner is overly strict).

Another winner is that you can order local takeaways if you don’t want to cook (and you missed your other-half breakfast deadline). Nothing says surprise like the reveal of what restaurants offer delivery in town… Check out Barcelona villas here.

The ¨I´m Your New Family Friend¨ Airbnb Stay

Can’t bare the thought of staying in a new city with no one to talk to? Shudder at the thought of Travelodge’s color scheme? An Airbnb could be the accommodation for you. They are full of character…and characters that you will definitely enjoy if you want conversation and a homely vibe!

AirBnB’s also offer the flexibility of choosing a private stay in someone else’s home or even just renting out their spare room whilst they utilize the rest of the house. Sit down and enjoy dinner with your new friend Fernando, try local cuisine and make a long-lasting connection and have a walk in a Barcelona Park.

The ¨Black-Tie To Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner¨ Cruise Cabin

Have you ever visualized yourself coming down a stairwell in a gown before dinner? Ever wanted to wear a suit to brunch? A cruise is the accommodation type for you. A cruise is a perfect excuse to pack a suitcase full of black tie wear. Even if the cruise you book doesn’t have any decent events, there is 100% nothing wrong with you sitting in your gown/suit for your entire stay.

If you love visiting different places and can’t get a lot of holiday sign off, a cruise is perfect. Visit Europe in 2 weeks, tick off a few of your bucket list entries (in your gown of course)

Our favorite cruise has to be, Regent Seven Seas Cruises. A luxury experience, they offer a trip from Monte Carlo to Barcelona which looks amazing. Stops include; Pisa, Rome, Valencia, Sicily, Malta. The fare also covers unlimited wifi, specialty restaurants and unlimited beverages – including wine throughout the ship (SOLD).

Looking for fun and tasty things to do in Barcelona? Join us on a gastronomic experience as we uncover the culinary backstreets of this amazing city and taste some of the best tapas and local drinks offered by genuine restaurateurs.