Get in on Barcelona craft brewing revolution with these best local beers


It has been a few years now that a craft brewing revolution has exploded in different parts of the world. Barcelona brewers are the pioneers of this movement in Spain. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs and beer lovers have developed all styles from fizzy yellow lagers to world-famous IPAs and complex stouts. This phenomenon somehow connects the dots…

Where to Eat the Best Paella in Barcelona


Rice is what appears to be such a simple food, but is full of complexities that only a real Catalonian or Spaniard could point out to you. In this article, we attempt to demystify the quintessential Spanish Food: Paella, as well as tell you where to find the best Paella in Barcelona. First things first, you…

Spanish Tapas Recipe to eat like a local: Empedrat


Empedrat, one of the most popular summer Spanish tapas recipes and that is also representative of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Literally translates into English as ¨stoned¨. It is a simple mix of chickpeas, fresh raw cod, vegetables and a generous amount of olive oil. It is a classic dish that is easily found in Barcelona and its whereabouts….

Top 15 Things to do in Gracia, Barcelona


Gracia is a quaint hipster neighborhood at the top end of Passeig de Gracia that used to be a village outside Barcelona before the city’s expansion. This authentic Barcelona neighborhood, characterized by small cobblestone streets, independent grocery stores, boutiques, and local restaurants, is where to get the real Barcelona local experience. Here we uncover the top 15…