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Honeymoon in Barcelona: 5 Wines You Must Try From Here

honeymoon in barcelona

Are you looking for a romantic honeymoon destination to express your love? Maybe you are thinking a laid back setting with the exquisite scenery, long sandy beaches, quality wine and a couple of late-night events. Barcelona is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. It harbors various great sites and attractions that will give you lots of memories to take back home.

The Catalan Wine Region has 11 major wine areas in the country and produces 25% of Spain’s wines and 1% in the world. Catalonia is also home to the world’s only urban wine region of Alella. In addition to offering the best local wines, Barcelona eateries and hotels stock some of the top brands and favourite UK wines. Prices are also quite affordable compared to other destinations.

If you have chosen a honeymoon in Barcelona, then you are in for a treat of some of the best wine traditions. They also offer exquisite architecture and lovely neighborhoods. Here is a look at the top 5 wines you must try when visiting Barcelona:

  1. Camins del Priorat – Bold red wine

Lovers of bold, elegant red wines find Priorat wines to be very flavorful and refreshing. Camins del Priorat, in particular, is a favourite in Barcelona. It is the product of Alberto Palacio, a famous winemaker who started making red Catalan wine shortly after his arrival in the city. The robust red wines use grapes grown in the old Grenache, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Melot, Samso and Syria vines. These vines date back 10 – 40 years. Camins del Priorat ages for up to 7 months in large barrels made from French oaks. This gives the wines a wooden hint that is well masked by the characteristic mineral flavour of Barcelona wines.

  1. Cava – Best sparkling wine

Cava is another famous wine that you will find in virtually all Catalonian restaurants. Cava is a sparkling wine commonly offered as an aperitif to go with cheese and desserts. This is most refreshing when the wine is young and crispy. It enhances the flavorful properties of cheese and tapas. Aged cava goes well with roasted meat, black butter, and aromatic leaves. They are usually sophisticated and elegant. Cava is made from grapes originating from the historic winemaking region of Penedes. This region has been making wine as far back as the 6th Century BC. You can also switch between cava and tempranillo reds or cabernets.

  1. Lopez de Heredia Viña Tondonia – Best Rioja wine

Rioja is a wine region in Spain, and also the most famous Spanish wine brand in the US. The red Rioja wine offers robust aromatic properties more like Stella Rosa black fruity flavours. They are also romantic and full-bodied. If you are having any doubts about the Rioja in your local bar, then a honeymoon in Barcelona seems like the right time to taste the real, local Rioja. Lopez de Heredia Viña Tondonia is a grand reserve red Rioja wine of the highest quality. This wine comes from a blend of grapes from the region, with tempranillo as the dominant grape. It also includes different flavours, including vanilla and oak tones. The grapes used to make Lopez de Heredia Viña Tondonia are 1995 harvests put in bottles 11 years later in 2006. What’s more, the wine has only been available since 2015, making it one of the premium reserves in the market. A youthful bottle of this red wine is perfect if you seek the tones of cured meat, leather, incense, and bonfire.

  1. Gotim Bru – Best ranked red wide

Gotim Bru is another popular high-quality red wine you should try during your honeymoon vacation in Barcelona. This robust aromatic red wine ages in Castell Del Remei winery in Costela De Sangre. The winery dates back to 1780 and is among the first ones to combine wine with ageing in the region. The region is also among the premier growers of French vines. Gotim Bru is a rich flavoured red wine popular in the UK following recognition by Parker’s Guide. It comes in a simple, affordable bottle that you can enjoy with a meal or in social gatherings. Some restaurants also offer glasses of Gotim Bru.

  1. Alta Alella Lanius – Best white wine

Alta Alella Lanius offers a great mix to your list of wines to taste in Barcelona. Coming from the smaller region of Alella, this organic white wine provides a wonderful balance of steely chardonnay with Pansa Blanca, Sauvignon Blanc. It is among the top 5% wines of the world. AA Lanius uses a rare white grape blend. The result is a balanced tropical wine ideal for downing chicken and turkey meals. Alella is only half an hour from Barcelona so you can get first-hand wine tasting experience by visiting the small local urban wine region. You can also try other blends. Although there are only wine distilleries in Alella, their wines are among the best brands in both the local and urban market.


Most regions allow you to order online so you don’t have to leave your room. You can ask the hotel you are staying at whether they stock the wines named above. It is also important to compare pricing from different retailers or find a local wine tasting event. The easiest way to find new hangouts is through a review site. Choose reviews that focus on Catalonia wines and honeymoon destinations.