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Essential cities to visit in Spain


The diverse landscapes and the heritage buildings, the delicious foods and the never-ending beaches, the Arab heritage and the Roman ruins, you name it, and the country that has it all it is Spain. While the landscapes are there to stir your soul, the snowcapped mountains of Sierra Nevada rise from the Andalucía’s sun-baked plains to twist your sights.

Every place you visit in Spain is full of history and heritage buildings, but the cuisine of Spain is also yet another reason to visit this breathtaking land. And don’t forget, Spain produces fantastic wines in the whole world. And when you order a drink anywhere, you get a complimentary tapa with it. While the country hosts some of the best parties. Let us have a look at some of the best cities to visit in Spain which won’t burn a hole in your pocket and allow you to enjoy the Spanish way of life.


Barcelona is one of the most favored destinations among the travelers visiting Spain due to the marvelous heritage architecture left by Antoni Gaudi. For instance, the Sagrada Familia, a building which looks like a castle straight from a fairy tale and the Park Guell, are awesome places to visit. There are plenty of other places scattered all through the city, being the Golden Quarter a fantastic area to get a glimpse of it. Barcelona is the place to visit in Spain, and yet it is underrated.


Alicante is one of the gorgeous cities that flies under the radar. Located on the southern coast of Spain, it has an old castle right in its middle from where you can enjoy stunning views, and a golden stretch of sands touching the Mediterranean sea and a bunch of genuine restaurants to enjoy good foods and the sunset.


A small gem tucked away on the south of the country, it is an epicenter for local culture and festivals. Just get to the city center and admire the classic old cathedral that reveals the ancient gothic and baroque architectural styles. The area is surrounded by countless other heritage sites. As for foods, we like going to the markets from where you can get delicious tapas, homemade pastries, bread, and fresh fruits. The markets are the right place if you want to enjoy some authentic homemade foods.


Valencia is home to the paella, a magnificent architecture as well as an amazing beach lifestyle. The best way to enjoy the city is by foot or bike, Valencia has a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of students give a particular flavor to this hidden gem. You shouldn’t miss a visit to the City of Arts and Sciences if you want to enjoy some marine science.


This historic tiny city can be accessed through bus and train from all major cities in Spain, it is beautiful and yet not that touristy. Enjoy the beautiful architecture of the city which is mostly composed of a heritage of Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures that left their mark throughout the centuries. You can spend a whole day in the city enjoying the beautifully decorated street and houses while stopping from time to time to enjoy tapas and drinks.


If you are a fan of old architectural structure, then Segovia and Salamanca are the cities you need to visit, as they are filled with an amazing array of architectural designs of a Spain that doesn’t exist anymore. From cathedrals to the palace, to taverns to monasteries, these places are worth visiting, especially for the history geeks.


Home of the best ham in the world, delicious tapas, wines, and an extreme weather, the three towns located in Extremadura: Merida, Trujillo, and Caceres are worth the hype for getting to the very ¨end¨ of Spain where Romans left their signs.  This remote area of mountains, forests, lakes and reserves, notably Monfragüe National Park and Cornalvo Natural Park, call for nature lovers to lost their souls.


Looking for beaches? Then Viveiro is the right city for you in Galicia. Drive to the north coast and reveal yourself to the best beaches of Spain covered in pines and eucalyptus trees. It is one of the best places to put on your shorts and looks dapper. Do not forget the amazing seafood and white wines that make this area in Spain so delicious.

photo credit: viveiro.es


This is an area in Mallorca island made up of little copes and stands as a border between the Bay of Pollença and the Bay of Alcúdia. The place is filled with secret beaches which are hidden in plain sight.


Are you up for some fishing time in the Menorca island? Then this is the right place that you need to visit which boasts of having a 500m stretch of soft, dark sand which get low back down of the S’Albufera des Grau Natural Park. The island, the lake, and the wetland area is an attraction of this place. This place was declared as a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO two decades ago, and there is a good reason to visit it. Just go!

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