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Barcelona gourmet street food on four wheels

Posted on October 7, 2016 | By Andre Arriaza

barcelona torre agbar and food truck

In case you are planning to visit Barcelona and thinking to taste amazing tapas on the streets, be aware that food trucks aren’t allowed, you’ll rather need to go to a tapas bar and seat in a terrace, which by the way is fantastic, however a bunch of creative local chefs had found their way around laws, and you can actually enjoy the Barcelona gourmet street food! And here we tell you how and where.

Barcelona is famous for an striving cultural life and people who are in love with food. It is quite common to find at each month agenda a festival or celebration, some are even dedicated to food only! though most of them combine a bunch of fun themes. We´ve been visiting all of them, just because we love eating good and healthy food, and here we featured the best Barcelona food trucks and most of the events where you can find them.


Rooftop smokehouse

The masters of smoking food who are constantly experimenting with new flavors and who stand up for sustainable produce. We felt in love with them the day Marina tried their homemade pickles, it made her remember her childhood in Soviet Union, that’s remarkable. Their iconic dish is their pastrami sandwich. All ingredients used are homemade. An icon of Barcelona Street Food.

rooftop smokehouse barcelona food truck



La Antigua de Mexico

When it comes to tacos, guacamole and mole poblano accompanied by homemade tortillas, I must state that these guys beat some of the Mexican Michelin starred restaurants that the city host. Their gourmet food is simply delicious, and would you believe me that a dish cost maximum 5 eur?

la antigua de mexico delicious street food in barcelona



Delicatessen Argentina

Expect a long cue, it is worth the waiting time to savor this terrific Barcelona street food. This is an Argentinian butchery that set-up a gourmet food truck that offers mouthwatering grilled meat cuts in the form of the best tapas Barcelona. And in case you missed them, they also run a restaurant in the city. ¡Complete package!


(photo credit: Deli Argentina)



A Tu Bola

The day I bumped into Shira, who was cooking a bunch of good smelling meat and veggie balls, I knew that I was in front of someone who is passionate about food, careful about the source product and super friendly. The kind of chef you want to talk with, because you know she has tried a lot of different foods! The best street gourmet balls I ever tried, as well as their crispy polenta and hummus. AtuBola is a Mediterranean journey of flavors. They also have a shop at the eclectic Raval neighborhood.




Indigenas Street Food

The first Brazilian food truck in Barcelona where I can eat those delicious chicken ¨coixinhas¨ (pastries) that I use to devour during part of my childhood in Brazil. Interestingly, my daughter has developed the same devotion for this delicacy, and we do follow them everywhere they go!

indigenas street food barcelona



La Rika

Making a stand for local produce: Botifarras (a typical Catalonian sausage), I must admit that we got to know them through their delicious veggie quesadillas. In some occasions they serve crispy ¨lip-licks¨ chicken with some homemade cherry chutney. Yummy!

la rika barcelona food truck



The most common events where you can eat the best Barcelona gourmet street food are AllThose, Eat Street, Vermut Solidario, Palo Alto Market, and Van Van GastroFood Market. Could you imagine yourself taking a free walking tour through a bunch of food trucks, spending less than 5 euros a dish? Pretty much similar to our gastronomy tours! As well we suggest you check on their Facebook pages, as it is very likely to find them on monthly events. Certainly this is a trend and as such it does change in time, so in case you have suggestions please share it on your comments below!

Viva Barcelona Gourmet Street Food!



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