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Stunning Barcelona Gardens and Parks worth visiting

Posted on May 8, 2018 | By Andre Arriaza

Every visit to Barcelona implies a reason to uncover something unusual, and amongst the “must do” in the city, are the beautiful gardens and parks that locals prides itself in, have you heard about Park Guell, one of Antoni Gaudi most famous works?. Gardens are an integral part of life in Barcelona, and each of them has a unique charm, and while are considered tourist attractions, there are some others that are worth discovering. What we really like about Barcelona gardens and park is that every each of them has a history attached to it. So, read on to be enlightened.

In this article, we selected our favorite Barcelona gardens and parks that have for centuries delighted thousands of travelers and locals alike. Hereunder are the gardens that are found in Barcelona that you must check out on your next visit.


The Park Guell was created by Barcelona’s most famous artist – Antoni Gaudi. It took him five years before the beauty of the garden could be seen. The designer used flamboyant art nouveau styles, and they can be witnessed throughout the park.

At the entrance of the park, there is the famous salamander, which is the true vision of Gaudi. It is a must-see spot in the garden where most visitors stop for a selfie. Besides that, there are several other mosaic designs along the terraces that you can enjoy while overseeing Barcelona and the mediterranean sea.

Salamander at Park Guell in Barcelona


This is Barcelona’s historic park. The outstanding feature in the park is simply a stunning labyrinth which is made from a maze of cypress trees. Apart from the labyrinth, the park also has many sculptures that beautify the terraces around the park.

Most of the sculptures here are from the Greek mythology and the most famous ones are the wine god, Danae, Dyonysos to mention just but a few.

Woman walking at labyrinth Horta

photo credit: MetamorfoseAmbulante


The Park de la Ciutadella was built in 1872 by Joseph Fontsere who was assisted by a young architect named Antoni Gaudi. This is the oldest park in the Barcelona and it is adjacent to El Born trendy district. Throughout the year, it hosts different events of art and entertainments. One of the major yearly entertainment events is the jazz program and other music events that are held in the summerhouse.

Also, the park has a lake with a waterfall. If you like rowing, you can easily hire a boat and enjoy yourself. There are also plenty of sculptures that are done by famous artists like Pau Gargallo, Manuel Fuxa among others.

lake at Ciutadella Park in Barcelona

photo credit: Rakesh


The Pedralbes Garden was built in the 17th century and was remodeled in the 19th century after a fire burned the kings´ residence. The garden has many plants from the Mediterranean, some of them quite rare, and a number of artificial fountains, one of them, the Hercules Fountain, designed by Gaudi.

The interior of the palace, built in 1921, is decorated with different styles. There are a lot of furniture as well. In 1932, it was declared a national museum of decorative arts.

Pedralbes palace gardens

photo credit: Rafel


The Jardins de la Universitat was founded in 1859 and it is located at the University of Barcelona. The garden is relatively small but has the most charming beauty, host around 150 different type of plants, and it is quite unnoticed by many people who walk by the old university building.

The garden is formed by the landscaped spaces of the lateral cloisters of the university building, as well as – in its greater extension – the botanical garden located on the back of the architectural ensemble. In 1995 it was opened to the general public when the gardens were dedicated to the historian Ferran Soldevila.

Gardens insider Barcelona University


The Jardins de la Tamarita was built as a stately garden and it has a vast coverage of gardens. The garden was created with a lot of spots that range from natural meadows to man-made landscapes to wild hedgerows.

During summer, there are lots of musical concerts that are organized in the park. Moreover, if you want to read your favorite book undisturbed, there are plenty of spots that find you can tranquility away from the crowd.

We truly hope you enjoyed this blog post about the most beautiful Barcelona gardens and parks to visit, and keep in mind that if you are visiting Barcelona and would like to uncover hidden squares and gardens, our food tours are a perfect way to do it, while enjoying delicious tapas and drinks on a leisure walk!

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