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Get in on Barcelona craft brewing revolution with these best local beers


It has been a few years now that a craft brewing revolution has exploded in different parts of the world. Barcelona brewers are the pioneers of this movement in Spain. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs and beer lovers have developed all styles from fizzy yellow lagers to world-famous IPAs and complex stouts.

This phenomenon somehow connects the dots to Belgium, United States, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, and England as the ones who laid the blueprint of this world beer movement. In our attempt to bring you closer to Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours principles: celebrate food and drinks from local producers, we’ve been tasting a bunch of Barcelona craft beers. So here are our favorite Barcelona craft beers plus a beer map of the beer-bars where you can find them.

“Ah, beer. The cause of and the solution to all of life’s problems.” — Homer Simpson, cartoon character & role model

FORT BARCELONA PALE ALE (Style: Barcelona Pale Ale ABV 4.5) from El Vaso de Oro

One of our favorite tapas bar in Barcelona, El Vaso d’ Oro, started brewing their own beer a long time ago and it could be only drunk at their ” barra” (counter). Recently they up-scaled their production and the Fort brand can be found in bottles as well, the Fort Pale Ale Beer is the first one they made on this new line, slightly bitter and citric, with malt and honey aromas.

MORENETA BLONDE (Style: Belgian Blonde ABV 6.5) from Barna Brew

Perfectly balanced beer between the maltose part with orange blossom honey of El Perellò (typical of the Belgian blondes), and the freshness and aroma of pine trees that it takes due to the dry-hopping they do. A complex beer that suits the climate of Barcelona. Also winner of the gold medal in the Brussels Beer Challenge 2014, International Craft Beer Competition 2015 in Madrid and bronze in the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2018.

Barna Brew Glass of Beer

GARAGE IPA (Style: Session Indian Pale Ale ABV 4.0) from Garage Beer Co.

Light and very hoppy! Perfect for Barcelona hot days and a great pair for burger or tacos. These guys take the beer brewing very seriously! Their Beer Bar is quite a place to visit, especially because the owners are super friendly.

GALACTIC (Style: Australian Pale Ale ABV 4.7) from Caravelle nano brewpub

The best we’ve tried from the new Barcelona beers brewers. An Australian style pale ale, dry hopped with Galaxy, Ella and Pride of Ringwood. It’s your best companion for a Sunday brunch, especially at its brew lab: Caravelle that also serves terrific foods.


Interesting light sweet and moderately bitter taste, light-medium body with a combination of dank hops, light fruits, herbal hops, and citrus aromas. If you are drinking one at their brewpub, NaparBCN, be aware that the menu includes fantastic food pairings for beers! their chef has a Michelin star, cool isn’t it?.

BLACKLAB SOUR LADY RASPBERRY (Berliner Weisse ABV 4.0) from BlackLab Brewhouse

Fantastic beer for Barcelona summers, light with a moderate sour flavor and aromas of fresh tart raspberry with notes of passion fruit. The BlackLab Brewhouse was created by an American beer brewer and a Chinese restaurateur, their beers are found only at their pub which is in Barceloneta. Boom!

BARCELONA BEER COMPANY SR. LOBO (Style: Sweet Stout ABV 7.0) from Barcelona Beer Company

Unique Barcelona beer produced with natural water from the Montseny mountain springs plus Pale ale, caramunich, carafa, munich, and roasted barley malts, and centennial and fuggles hops that gives a moderately sweet and above moderate bitter flavor in a medium bodied beer. Auuuhhh- howl El Lobo (the Wolf)!

BEERCAT BLACK IRISH (Style: Foreign Stout ABV 7.0) from BeerCat

Light body, and light to medium sweet flavor with notes of dark sugar, cocoa, and burnt toast. The aroma uncovers the roasted malts. Really good stout stuff that I paired with a greasy steak.

ROSES DE LLOBREGAT SPECIAL BITTER (Style: Premium Bitter/ESB ABV 6.3) from Roses de Llobregat

The premium bitter beer that pours hazy dark gold with a nice frothy creamy white head. It has a medium body and oily texture, a toasted and citrus aroma, and a particularly dry finish.

FOOL’S RUSSIAN (Style: Russian Imperial Stout ABV 9.2) from Quaff On!

With loads of dark malt character, this is a BIG stout and our nod to the Russian Imperial, the king of stouts.

And here is the map that showcases the best tapas bars where you can find above-mentioned beers, and a bunch of other authentic Barcelona craft beers. Just click below image!

*Note: ABV stands for Alcohol by volume

We acknowledge that there are more great beers in Barcelona, and honestly speaking there are too many microbreweries to try out there, so in case you missed some information on this Barcelona craft beers article, feel free to send us a message with your suggestions, which will also help those local Barcelona brewers to get more exposed.  Cheers! Salut! Salud! Prost! Sante! Skol!