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Posted on March 22, 2018 | By Andre Arriaza

Barcelona’s new generation of coffee lovers has finally arrived for good and is making our early morning walks really enjoyable. Baristas and coffee artisans who care about quality, and moreover the environment, are popping up everywhere in town, and we are so excited about it! We compiled the best cafes and coffee houses in Barcelona where you will simply taste a great cup of Joe.

Barcelona’s best coffee artisans’ bars and shops are teaching the locals, and the curious travelers about one of the most consumed commodities in the world, and we tried what we found to be la creme-de-la-creme of coffee houses in Spain.

Ugot Cafe in Barcelona


Always searching for seasonal coffees that originate from fresh harvests, this lab and shop is there to serve and teach you about coffee. Each available coffee is tested, through a roasting of fresh samples received from all over the world (always a green bean) which are lightly roasted for a cupping, the moment when it is decided if it would be best-roasted light for filter or with a medium roast for espresso.

Customers coming to Nømad Coffee are usually asked about what they usually drink, so they are offered with a coffee they can compare and build their knowledge upon. They really like to offer filtered coffee to the locals, simply because in Spain, it’s not common at all, so they are often surprised by how much flavor they can find in or in a cold brew as well. This is the place where coffee is served along with a glass of water only, because it helps clean the palette before and after the coffee is drink, and they like to focus on the coffee itself, one thing at a time! Our friends from Nomad are one of the best coffee openings in Barcelona.

Nomad Coffee Roasters by Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours
Passatge de Sert 12, Nømad Coffee Lab & Shop (08003 Barcelona)


Very good Friends of Nømad Coffee as they are their weekly supplier who always provide a freshly toasted coffee, these days a single origin from Costa Rica (100% Arabica, soft and easy to drink), though this varies in time. As well, the coffee´s best friend, the milk, is sourced from a local producer who delivers it fresh every other day of the week. What a luxury! Yassir told us that people here really love ¨Flatwhites¨ and ¨Cortados¨.

As well, on a rotational basis, another coffee roaster gets invited and many have passed by their baristas hands, such as Onna Coffee, Puchero and Right Side Coffee. They also have a local selection of homemade pastries from Sil´s, Cakes and Lukumas. The latter named the best doughnut shop in town by Foodie in Barcelona. Lovers of art and graphic design as well, Syra Coffee has found a space in our hearts and buds. We can also say they are one of the best coffee places in town.

Cafe in Gracia: Syra

Siracusa 13, Gracia (08012 Gracia)


Probably the ancient coffee roaster in the City of Counts. They rotate the coffees they serve every three days, from soft to light, and fruity to chocolate. If you come with something in mind, it is highly probable that you will be satisfied by your coffee related demand. At Cafes El Magnifico they know what they do, and I love that!
Most of the coffees offered are from origin, from the so-called world coffee belt, though some blends can be found as well, which work great to prepare espressos. We like the idea that they challenge their customers to try coffee without sugar, a fact that an old Italian friend taught me back in the days: just go naked for your coffee and have something sweet aside, and see how it taste! Incomparable was my answer.

Cafes El Magnifico in Barcelona

Carrer de l’Argenteria, 64 (08003 Born)

Our latest summer discovery, located in an area where certainly a good coffee bar was needed, On y Va mixes the concept of top quality coffees with biking, which is exclusive, so when you go expect to see plenty of bikers having their shot of caffeine while reading related biking magazines that are spread on the tables. Moreover, in case you would like a package of fresh coffee delivered to your door, a good looking biker will be soon knocking it!

OnyVa coffee house in Barcelona

Carrer de la Ciutat de Balaguer, 45 (08022 Sant Gervasi)


With a minimalist web page that literally gives you just the address, which is a step from Barcelona´s busiest boulevard: Las Ramblas, Satan´s Coffee Corner is a favorite for hipsters who are looking for good coffee and also excellent homemade food.
The coffee beans are brewed in-store and come from Right Side Coffee. The favorite choices for the locals are their flat whites and veggie sandwiches, though espressos and filters are worth a try! This is one of the Barcelona´s best coffee houses.

Barcelona Satan´s Cafe

Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call, 11 (08002 Ciutat Vella)

Since a while, we became regulars to a bunch of events in town that include a fantastic food truck set-up where we are delighted by local and international flavors, and a regular has been an iconic 1972 Citroen truck that happens to serves an amazing coffee, nothing more than that and few sweets.

When not around, this truck can be found at the superb open space Espacio 88 studios at the Industrial district of Barcelona: Poblenou. The space usually host different exhibitions, which makes it a great option to repeat your visits as much as you want, apart from the coffee truck, everything else changes continuously, except their superb coffees.

Skye Coffee Barista by Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours
Carrer Pamplona 88 (08018 Poblenou)


Fancy a trendy Barcelona craft beer, a top-notch local sandwich or simply a great coffee bar? This is the place that taps into the hipsters´need to have a joint in the middle of one of the most touristic areas in the world, the Barcelona Gothic District. The shop reminds us a loft in New York, but we are still in our lovely Barcelona.

(Photo credit: Barcelona LeCool)

Carrer de la Ciutat, 5 (08002 Barcelona)

When writing this article, we also realized that we shall give a special mention to Right Side Coffee Roasters, mentioned earlier, a small team of progressive local coffee lovers that aim to provide the best flavor to anyone who likes good coffee, attaining products that are seasonal and environmentally friendly and that come from free trade. What else can be better than that? Exactly what the Mediterranean lifestyle promotes, the very same one that is showcased at our walking gastronomic experiences in Barcelona.

And last but not least, we also created a map with the Barcelona best Coffee Houses and Bars where you will find an amazing cup of coffee and friendly staff who will be happy to talk to you about this fantastic subject, as well as an info-graphic, both are hereto below.

Barcelona map with best coffee houses and bars

And as you´ve got here, we are pleased to offer you a 10% off in all of your coffee purchases in Barcelona using Barissta ∼ just enter the discount code EATLOCAL and you´ll be set.

Barcelona types of coffee

We hope this Barcelona blog post brought you some value, especially about coffee and great cafes in Barcelona that strives to provide customers with a fantastic gastronomic experience by simply enjoying the best coffee produced around the world. All the best!

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