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Authentic Tapas Bars to watch Barcelona football matches, which are actually not Irish

Watching FC Barcelona games in Barcelona is a lifetime experience that isn’t confined to El Camp Nou Stadium. Actually watching sports at an authentic bar in Barcelona, while eating tapas and drinking beer, along a bunch of cules (the so-called Barcelona FC fans) is a unique experience. Especially because there will be no flashes and people doing selfies in front of you while you try to distinguish Lionel Messi from Luis Suarez at your seat in the Barcelona stadium. There will be passion and delicious tapas!

So as to speak, I watched a bunch of matches over the years, I ate a lot of tapas and I grew a beer-belly in order to be qualified to write this post. Here you will find the best tapas bars to watch Barcelona football matches, the authentic ones. Whether you are on a trip to Barcelona to watch football or not, this is the ultimate list for the Barcelona sports experience.


We like the atmosphere of this bar and its unusual calmness and unique selection of craft beers at affordable prices for a tapas bar where you will watch Barcelona live football match as a local, surrounded by locals.

(photo credit: Blog Socium Cat)

Encarnació, 21, Barcelona (Gracia)


CocoVail is Barcelona’s first American beer hall with an awesome selection of local brews, and big tables where every one seat together plus big screens strategically located in every corner of the bar. In case you are not up for football, the playing board games from their collection is fantastic (Cards Against Humanity, Jenga, Monopoly, etc).

Carrer d’Arago 284 (Eixample)


This is one of the Barcelona classic old bars, though recently renovated, where you better wear a Barcelona FC scarf and be prepared to absorb a good amount of decibels each time Barça scores, which happen quite often these days!

(photo credit : TimeOut)

Guadiana, 28 Barcelona (Sants)


Almost at the top-end of the Gracia district, this is the classic tapas bar where the same couple of old fellas who´ve been watching Barcelona Football Matches for ages will argue over the coach technical decisions and that at some point you believe they will get to punches. This never happens, Barça scores!

Great bar to eat ¨patatas bravas¨, is their signature dish. And before you enter, take a minute to enjoy the beautiful modernist building where this iconic Barcelona tapas bar is located (left side of this pic).

Pl. de Lesseps, Barcelona (Gracia)


Montserrat and Ramon met around 50 years ago, shall I continue? Just go there, try one of the best ¨tripa¨ (tripe) in Barcelona, or Montserrat´s tortilla, pretty good as well. This is one of the best mom and pops bars in town that remain open. It has few TVs and you will find a bunch of Barcelona football fans that will make you feel like a local, only in Barcelona!


Despite the fact that some people might come with the selfie stick because it is an iconic location. At this old Barcelona sports bar, culés head to the second floor, which is the place where you should try to find a spot to watch the game. Decorated with Barcelona mementos, simply enjoy a live Barcelona Football match, eat tapas and empty your lungs while singing FC Barcelona anthem or celebrating goals.

(photo credit: Lingua Barcelona)

Ronda Universitat, 37 Barcelona


This is one of the first Barcelona Beer Bars that made known to the locals the world-famous Belgian beers in a laid back and super friendly atmosphere, and with a couple of screens where anyone can enjoy football matches or sports at glance.

Villarroel, 60, Barcelona (Eixample)


This bar is located in an old industrial space at the trendy Poble-Sec district, where we usually hang out with foodie travelers on our delicious food tour of authentic Barcelona.  It offers you the perfect spot to watch a Barcelona FC match among locals, and moreover to move on for the party night that Barcelona is famous for.

(photo credit: Mau Mau)

Fontrodona, 35 Barcelona (Poble-sec)

And in case you really know how to sing Barcelona anthem with a native Catalan accent, and you are wearing the last Barcelona t-shirt, just head where the truly football fans go, los cules, la peña del Barcelona… Check these places:

(photo credit: 80 Grados)


Carrer de Jovellanos, 7, 08001 Barcelona,


Mare de Déu del Coll, número 51


Andrade, 122 baixos


Vilardell, 23

In case you missed tickets to watch a Barcelona FC match, the city has plenty of tapas bars where you can enjoy a soccer game and experience any other weekend football match or sports. The above selection corresponds to our discoveries in Barcelona.

We avoided Irish Pubs just because we wanted to highlight what Barcelona is, though those bars are equally enjoyable and fun, and honestly speaking, plenty of Barcelona FC fans like to enjoy a pint of Guinness while supporting their team. Would you like to list your favorite bar? Just send your comments on Facebook while sharing this post! We´ll include your recommendations to watch sports in Barcelona.