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3 days in Barcelona: What to do, see and eat!

Posted on August 25, 2018 |

Be it for the whimsical architecture by Antoni Gaudi, the spectacular cuisine or the magical creations of Picasso, Barcelona has been always a breathtaking destination for all the globetrotters out there. In fact, it can be referred to as the most popular city in Europe which enticed thousands of visitors for years.  

Whether it is sightseeing that attracts you or you want to enjoy the metro time, Barcelona is perfect for every purpose. There’s enough in that city to keep you rooted for a week or more than that. The city is close (and compact) enough to tackle in three days—be it on foot, along the Gothic Quarter’s cobblestoned streets, or in easy-to-use public transport to the top of Mount Tibidabo. Here’s how to make the most of your long weekend to Spain ’s most dazzling city. All that you need is a smart planning for visiting Barcelona and book a thrilling deal for your tickets and accommodation.   

Howbeit, here’s the best itinerary for three days in Barcelona, totally doable at an easy peasy pace.

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After you’ve landed in the city of Barcelona, dive into Modernisme (the local way Art Noveau evolved in this part of the world) and taste the best of the Mediterranean Gastronomy:

Explore Barcelona´s Golden Quarter

La PEdrera house in barcelona

Barcelona is the ultimate home of modernism. In every bit and corner of the city, you will get the touch of the historiographic denomination. Amid of the entire city, the central part is known as Quadrat d’Or or Golden Quarter.

It is a magnificent hub of striking buildings with beautiful interiors which were constructed by Gaudi and other renowned architects of the late 19th century. One of the beautiful must-see architecture which is present there is Casa Mila (popularly known as La Pedrera).

When you will visit this building, you will feel like that you’ve entered the extraordinary world of Antoni Gaudi. While nature being the inspiration for the building, it is a masterpiece which reveals the boundless imagination of Gaudi.

Join a Good Old-Fashioned Food Crawl

group drinking wine in barcelona

Getting to know the best of local gastronomy can change your life, even in three days! Joining a Food Tour in Barcelona will allow you to get the essentials by tasting tapas and learning from local vendors, being at a food market, a tapas bar or a wine shop, they all know very well their stuff, and you´ll get tips to continue exploring the best of Barcelona cuisine afterward.

This culinary experience will ensure you get the ins and outs of local gastronomy of the city and enjoy a nice 2 or 3 hours in the company of other travelers and locals. Who doesn´t like to discover a culture through its foods?.

Visit Sagrada Familia and Hospital Sant Pau

La Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona

You should then specifically plan a visit to this crown in the Gaudi’s works, La Sagrada Familia. This temple is considered an amazing synthesis of his overall conception of architecture. It is recommended that you plan your visit and book tickets in advance. The richness of this place needs to be discussed in detail in order to understand the real meaning of the building.

Moreover, nearby you´ll find Hospital Sant Pau, an old medieval hospital that in the early 1900s was radically refurbished by the visionary architect Domènech i Montaner (Gaudi´s mentor). He created a modern hospital that would provide patients with architectural and natural beauty that would help heal their spirits. You can even go for a self-guided visit to the exhibition space of the Sant Salvador Pavilion. It summarizes the history of Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau. Interestingly, the entire story from its inception in 1401 up to the 21st century is covered.


Let the second day be dedicated to the side of Barcelona that boasts 2000 years of history. Here are the three things you can easily do:

Visit the Gothic Quarter and EI Born districts

gothic district in barcelona

When it comes to the most talked about neighborhoods of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter is definitely the one. It is the ultimate destination in the city which is full of charm and captivating history. While paying a visit there, you can learn a lot about the Jewish past of Barcelona, take a glimpse of the Picasso’s old stomping grounds, check out the very first project of Gaudi and what not!

When it comes to uncovering the EI Born, it can be considered as a perfect amalgamation of an electric neighborhood and noble past. Whether it is hopping through the best Bodegas and wine bars of Barcelona or spending a quality time inside the Santa Maria del Mar church, you can do that all in EI Born. All in all, it will end up as an electrifying day for you.

Discover Picasso’s life in Barcelona and hop into the chocolate museum

Any trip to Barcelona can’t end without exploring Picasso’s life. You can discover the place where he used to live i.e., a small studio in Carrer de la Plata. Now, it has become a huge five-star hotel named the Hotel Serras.

Another interesting aspect of Picasso’s creation is the menu of the Quatre Gats restaurant located on the Placa Reial. He himself drew it and the amazing menu is still in use!  

Also, you must not forget to explore the Picasso museum which has around 4,000 pieces of wonderful arts by the artists. The paintings somehow interpret a real picture of his life in Barcelona. Besides, there are numerous other places in the city which were frequented by Picasso. So, if you want to really know about the life of this great artist, visit Barcelona.

Next, to give yourself a sweet treat, the Barcelona Chocolate Museum is one of the veritable homages in the earth. The unique flavor and taste of the chocolates have been liked by people around the globe.

Amble at Parc de la Ciutadella

ciutadella park in barcelona

Finally, let the day end with a relaxing walk beside the greenest oasis in Barcelona. Parc de la Citudella will welcome you with open hands to unwind and go for long walks. Above that, you can even go for a picnic there or use a rowing boat on the lake to have a thrilling experience, which is a fantastic activity to do with kids in Barcelona.

If you walk towards the southwestern side of the lake, you can witness the four most remarkable buildings viz, Castell dels Tres Dragons, Geological Museum, Hivernacle, and Umbracle.


No one can leave Barcelona without getting a glimpse of the seaside lifestyle and the views from the hills.

Visit La Barceloneta

Barceloneta street in Barcelona

This place is now a hub of cozy streets close to the historical center with a unique type of architecture, many authentic seafood restaurants, tranquil and lively beaches, a place that gives its back to Barcelona.

Also, it can be interesting enough to bike through the boardwalk of Barcelona. While doing so, you can relish the calming feel of the Mediterranean sea as the road faces the blue waters.

Well, don’t forget to treat your taste-buds with the traditional Fideua (Paella´s little sister) or Arroz in any of the sea-side restaurants over Barceloneta. It is a mouthwatering combination of short noodles, green beans, and seafood with the final seasoning of aioli.

Go to the Gracia neighborhood and eat with the locals

casa lucio in Barcelona

There is no shortage of interesting things to do in the lively district of Gracia. Whether it is experiencing the splendor of Festa Major de Gracia, walking through the Carrer Verdi or watching a movie at Cine Verdi, everything seems to be wonderful!

Last but not the least, don’t forget to enjoy some of the tastiest food in the world with the locales. All that you need to do is just go for a food at any of Gracia´s squares and that’s it!

Hit Park Guell and Bunkers del Carmel

barcelona views from carmel bunkers

After you are done with getting the real essence of La Barceloneta and visiting Gracia, it’s time to take some final striking glimpses of Gaudi’s magic. Park Guell is one of the best places to do that.

You can enjoy the impeccable Nouveau architecture of Gaudi in this park. Especially, the Gaudi house museum is something absolutely remarkable! Antoni Gaudi lived there for almost 20 years. It is officially opened as a museum with the most intimate approach to his work on the 28th September 1963.

After spending some quality time in the Park Guell, you can enjoy a picturesque view of the Barcelona city from Bunkers del Carmel which is not that far. With old ruins of a bunker on the top of a hilltop, you can watch the mesmerizing sunset from there, bring a bottle of cava!.

So, this is how you can spend three startling days in the lap of the magical city of Barcelona.  

About Author: Cindy Mikulski is the free time writer and full-time internet surfer. She likes to work on making in-home life better in society. She lives like an entrepreneur to support her husband at the month ends.

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